Forgotten Goddesses

Here you can find a small selection of seven different Goddesses from the past.


Goddess 1 One with Nature


Mother Earth, Venus van Willendorf and Asverah


The stories begin with the foundation of woman; full breasts, rounded belly, and a vulva that forms the female triangle. They explore the intensity of nature and conceptions of fertility. For the woman is the lowest common denominator, the giver of life. It was only with the advent of livestock breeding that the process of procreation became clear. A component of the male, the bull’s sperm, was needed in order complete fertilization

within the female. And so man knew of his importance in creation. The top-tipped triangle became key. The couple became an important symbol. Every significant god had a wife. Just as Jahweh/El had Asverah, so Allah had Allat. Fertility was a core characteristic for these women, with voluptuous Asverah synonymous with the Tree of Life.



Goddess 2 The Delivery, New Beginning


Hathor and Isis


Hathor is the mother of all mothers, a renowned domestic goddess. Her form was that of a snake, self sufficient in shedding and producing a new skin and capable of creating a circle, tail in mouth. She is both the new beginning and eternal life. When depicted as a woman Hathor was a cow goddess, with a sun disk between her horns. The sun represents the house of Hor and her son Horus. The myths of ancient Egypt blend and Horus is also portrayed as the child of the goddess Isis. Isis supposedly became pregnant by self-fertilization of Horus.

This was aided by the dismembered body ofher lover and brother Osiris.



Goddess 3 Third Wheel On The Wagon


Eve and Lilith


Lilith was a woman that did not submit, sexually or spiritually, to her husband Adam. And so she called for Jahweh / God in order to escape Adam through the magic of His name. But Adam did not accept this and asked for her to return. God sided with Adam and sent three angels to smite her. Lilth vowed revenge, threatened murder, and never came back to Adam. Adam was left wifeless and so God took pity and promised him a new and obediant wife, Eve. This wife was loving and submissive. But then Lilith, disguised as a serpent, tempted Eve to disobey the male figures and eat the apple. As punishment men learnt shame, held in their ‘Adam’s apple’, and women suffered the excruciating pain of childbirth.




Goddess 4 Famous Virgins




The number four is a powerful symbol. Today we have four directions and four elements, which are often represented in four overlapping circles. At times these circles form an abstract cross, at others its makes a complete circle. The circle represents unity, strength, and connection. The womb of the Virgin Mary is symbolised in a circle. A circle through which the Son of God is born. Son – Sun. The celebration of the invincible sun - December 25th. After Constantine the Great, this date is now for the invincible son of God, born from a virgin. After the mystery of procreation was ‘solved’ it was decided that children could only be born from virgins. In this way the father figure is the one true God. Like Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, were born from virgin mothers and all three of them born on the 25th of december.




Goddess 5 The Fifth Day




‘Free’ and ‘Friday’ are words from the goddess Freya. She is the deity of warriors, lust, and love. In Nordic mythology she brings half of the dead to Folkvangr, while the other half go with Odin to Valhalla. Those that died a natural death went with the Goddess Hel. Freya was a greedy woman who had a beautiful necklace known as Brin Sing Amen. In order to obtain this necklace she had to share a bed with a dwarf for four nights. Her hawk feather mantle allowed her to change into a bird. As Christianity grew in popularity Freya lost influence. Her symbols are now considered unlucky omens, like Friday the 13th and the black cat crossing. The ugly characteristics of Freya have been written into the character of the evil stepmother. In the tale of Snow White she glares at her stepdaughter through an enchanted mirror. Snow White did not have to share the bed of the seven dwarves but had to clean for them instead.



Goddess 6 The Hell




The Tree of Life has branches that reach up into the sky and roots that travel into the dark underworld. Before the concept of Heaven there was just the concept of Hell, below ground. Everyone went to hell, regardless of age or wealth. They were guarded by hounds. Hulda, as the white lady and dark grandmother, was closely associated with Hell. She has been called goddess Hell duet to her close contact with the underworld. She is a deity of fertility, as well as goblins and elves. Women would bath in the streams dedicated to her. Can hell be so dangerous when it is represented by a goddess of death AND fertility?



Goddess 7 The Wo/man




Like Asvera, Cybele is accompanied by two lions. Cybele is deeply in love wih Attis, who was born on December

25th from a virgin. Her love for Attis was very intense. But Attis cheated on her with a mortal woman and drove Cybele insane. Having caused his lover’s downfall, Attis was grief stricken and cut off his balls as punishment. His genitals were eaten by pigs and flowers grew in the blood stained earth. The ceremonies that followed Cybele’s death included the sacrifice of genitals and commitment to life as a woman.